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The Foundation


We are a not-for-profit, private and independent organization that works to advance our society through the implementation of projects and initiatives based on three pillars: people, heritage, and landscape 
Where others see problems, we see solutions. 

The Foundation, is a sum of efforts

The Foundation has its roots in the Association of "Amigos del Monasterio" (Friends of Monastery), created in 1977 to promote the restoration of Santa María la Real Monastery in Aguilar de Campoo (Palencia) under the leadership of José Maria Pérez "Peridis." On 24 June 1994, we were constituted as a private non-profit cultural foundation of indefinite duration and national scope. The project grows in 2014 with the merger of Santa María la Real Foundation and Foundation of Historical Heritage of Castilla and León. This integration resulted in creating a team of professionals who work day by day, establishing the future in innovation, setting people, heritage, and landscape. Those are the key aims of our activity and efforts.

Our Aims

Our bylaws define the route that we have to follow to reach these aims


We work every day to generate sustainable development and activate the territories throughout the implementation of projects and innovative initiatives based on three pillars: people, heritage, and landscape


We want to be a reference organization that implements sustainable development of territorial initiatives by creating a corporation of entities and companies that can work independently and become solvent based on innovation and commitment to people, heritage, and landscape.



Commitment to people and territories where we work on. 

Passion for what we do. 

Active listening of the necessities of people in need to be able to help them rigorously and professionally. 

Excellency, quality, and innovation in each of our projects and initiative. 

Transparency and clarity of our actions. 

Knowledge should be transmitted because we know that "nothing is useful if you cannot transmit it to others." 

Free and collaborative spirit generating new synergies that empower us without losing our essence. 





With your support, those who make the Foundation generate ideas, efforts, elation, and willingness to face every challenge as an opportunity. We stand against ceasing our environment but support it moving forward, living, growing, and creating. You re-build the future.

You re-build the future