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Tourism and Culture


Cultural heritage is a value inherited from the past that helps us to build the future. Castles, churches, bridges, emblazoned houses, antiques cisterns and other monuments form part of our history, of our territory. 

We study it to better knowing it. Organizing courses, workshops, seminaries, journeys, and getaways to disseminate it and fill it of life constitutes meeting points for the Heritage's Friends and Culture

Familiar places where we can continue to share moments, experiences, and emotions


Industrias culturales


Cultur Viajes

Nuestra agencia especializada para que descubras el patrimonio como nadie te lo ha mostrado, junto a los profesionales de la Fundación

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Courses in culture and heritage

Find out all the facets of Romanesque and medieval culture provided by major nationals and international experts

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Enciclopedia del románico


More than 300 titles from our catalog specialized in middle age: Romanesque encyclopedia, guides, monographs for children and youth

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Monastery – exhibition center ROM

Emotion, entertainment and education in a spectacular Romanesque monument

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Maqueta Ornamentos Arquitectónicos

Architectural Ornaments

The heritage in your hands with the unique craftworks of our artisan model making workshop

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The whole Romanesque only one click away: access freely to more than 9.000 Romanesque examples in the Iberian Peninsula.

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All news about tourism, culture, and heritage.

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The digital place for those who love heritage: videos, news, activities, and much more

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