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MUS.NET - Creative Europe

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  • Reunión de equipo del proyecto MUS.NET en Padua

Best practices for enhancing experiences and attracting new audiences

MUS.NET, "MUSeum NETwork," is a project on audience development, designed for a network of cultural institutions in four European countries -Italy, Spain, Poland, and Slovenia- seeking to improve the visibility of their centers and attract new audiences.

To this end, the partners will study the best innovative practices that will capture visitors' attention. New technologies -such as augmented reality or specific APPs- will play an essential role as a necessary method for transforming the museum experience.

The project, which will last until April 2022, is led by the Province of Padua and involves the participation of our Foundation -through the Rom exhibition center- and three other European cultural institutions: RIS Dvorec Rakičan, in Slovenia; Butterfly Arc, in Italy; and the Lebork Museum, in Poland.

The overall budget is 325,302 euros, of which 60% is co-financed by the European Commission through its Creative Europe program.