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MHS - Preventive conservation

  • Laboratorio MHSLab en ermita romanica de Canduela
  • Firma de Acuerdo de Partenariado con Telefónica
  • Instalación de MHS en la Muralla de Ávila
  • Sensor instalado en la catedral de Palencia

Smart Heritage

Our experience in the study, restoration, conservation, and dissemination of heritage-led us to develop MHS. Our heritage monitoring system. A technological platform that facilitates the management of heritage buildings, complexes, or cities.

How? The installation of a wireless sensor network at critical points allows real-time monitoring of environmental, structural, or other parameters related to energy consumption, security, or visitors' influx.

The data collected goes to a control panel. A 3D model of the building or the city helps the manager know how each space is behaving to make the most appropriate conservation and management decisions.