XI Colloquium Ars Mediaevalis 2021 (in person and online). (In)sights regarding Medieval Art. A tribute to Herbert L. Kessler Aguilar de Campoo, October 21st-23rd 2021


XI Colloquium Ars Mediaevalis 2021 (in person and online)

(In)sights regarding Medieval Art. A tribute to Herbert L. Kessler

Aguilar de Campoo, October 21st-23rd 2021



For the last eleven years, we have organised the international colloquium Ars Mediaevalis in Aguilar de Campoo (Palencia, Castile, Spain), the headquarters of the Fundación Santa María la Real. Each edition has proposed a cross-cutting argument that, in accordance with current methodological approaches, has allowed us to analyse and understand relevant aspects of Medieval Art. The results of these colloquia are published year after year -once the mandatory peer-reviews are received- in the journal Codex Aqvilarensis. Revista de Arte Medieval, whose contents are open-access in full.

In organising the successive editions of Ars Mediaevalis, as well as in preparing the corresponding issue of Codex Aqvilarensis, we have been privileged to have the expertise and friendship of Herbert L. Kessler, who is acknowledged as one of the most eminent and inspiring scholars in the Historiography of Medieval Art in recent decades.  This year 2021 Professor Kessler will be 80 years old. On this occasion, we would like to celebrate his anniversary with a tribute in the form of a special edition of the Ars Mediaevalis colloquium, with the participation of some relevant international scholars who have forged a long and fertile relationship with Professor Kessler. The holding of this academic meeting by Spanish academic institutions will be a unique opportunity, with an unquestionable relevance in the landscape of international medievalism.





CONFERENCE MODALITIES (in person and online)

The conference will be held simultaneously in face-to-face and online modes. The on-site sessions will be subject to capacity and to the security regulations established by the authorities at the time of the conference.

Those registered for the online version will be provided with a link at the beginning of the conference to access the lectures in real time. In addition, all contributions will be recorded and posted on a private channel, where they will be available for one month. This resource will allow registered scholars to review the contributions as many times as they wish.


Conference Convenors:

Gerardo Boto Varela

Alejandro García Avilés



21st OCT 2021 (Fundación Sta. Mª la Real Headquarter)

Chair: Javier Martínez de Aguirre / Universidad Complutense de Madrid

09.15 h.: Registration

09.30 h.: General Introduction

09.50 h.: Vincent Debiais (EHESS): Figuración y desfiguración en el libro de bendiciones de Æthelwold

10.30 h.: Stefano Riccioni (Università Ca Foscari-Venezia): “The European connection”. Arte e teoria dell’arte durante la Riforma della Chiesa (secoli XI-XII)

11.10 h.: Questions

11.30 h.: Coffee break

11.50 h.: Beate Fricke (Universität Bern): The Contribution of Wisdom to Creation: A Double Beginning in the Stammheim Missal

12.30 h: Questions

13.00 h: Act of Tribute to Herbert L. Kessler (Monastery of Santa María la Real)


Afternoon (Fundación Sta. Mª la Real Headquarter)

Chair: Marc Sureda / Museu Episcopal Vic-TEMPLA

15.30 h.: Marcia Kupfer (Washington D.C.). Nails and Blacksmiths in Ethiopian Art (13th–19th centuries)

16.10 h.: Jeffrey F. Hamburger (Harvard University): The Triple Essence of the Visual Process. ONLINE CONFERENCE.

16.50 h.: Questions

17.10 h.: Coffee break

17.30 h.: Presentation and dialogue on the book of Herbert L. Kessler - Experiencing Medieval Art (Univ. of Toronto Press) / La experiencia del arte medieval (Akal)

18.30 h.: Visit to Revilla de Santullán


22 OCT 2021 Palencia. Villa romana de La Olmeda - Saldaña

Chair: Charles Barber / Princeton University

09.45 h.: Éric Palazzo (Université de Poitiers): Anachronic Limitations: A Medieval Reflection on the Scuola di San Giorgio degli Schiavoni

10.25 h.: Allegra Iafrate (Ministero degli Affari Esteri): Medieval Treasure Maps: an Uncharted Genre. ONLINE CONFERENCE.

11.05 h.: Questions

11.25 h.: Coffee break

11.45 h.: Francesca Dell'Acqua (Università di Salerno): An Image of Authority. The Ivory Plaque with the Enthroned Virgin from Aachen, c. 800–25

12.25 h.: Celia Chazelle (The College of New Jersey): Race and Empire: Victorian-Era Illustrations of Pope Gregory Meeting the English Child-Slaves. ONLINE CONFERENCE.

13.05 h.: Questions

16.00 h.: Visit to medieval monuments. G. Boto / F. Gutiérrez-Baños


23 OCT 2021 (Monastery of Sta. María la Real)

Chair: Justin Kroesen / University Bergen

09.30 h.: Rocío Sánchez Ameijeiras (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela): Images for Babel

10.10 h.: Nino Zchomelidse (Johns Hopkins University): Peter of Eboli’s Liber ad honorem Augusti. Some thoughts about the intersection of art and knowledge in medieval southern Italy.

10.50 h.: Questions

11.10 h.: Coffee break

11.30 h.: Assaf Pinkus (Tel Aviv University): Experiencing the Gigantic in Late Medieval Art

12.10 h.: Beatrice Kitzinger (Princeton University): "et ordo peritus eius opus canere [scriptura] ab arte bene": Notes on a Ninth-Century Psalter. ONLINE CONFERENCE.

12:50 h.: Questions

13.10 h:  Conclusions and perspectives: G. Boto Varela - A. García Avilés - H. L. Kessler

13.20 h.: Closing ceremony



The face-to-face sessions will take place at the headquarters of the Santa María la Real Foundation (Avda. Ronda 1), in the monastery of Santa María la Real and also in the Roman villa of La Olmeda.



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